Friday, August 8, 2014

Coro-Coro Leaks New Megas For ORAS

Note: This article is breaking news.
Finally August CoroCoro has been leaked and the result are drastically different from our expected observations. Not only Mega Evolution is given to Hoenn Pokemon but Sinnoh Pokemon are also awarded with it.

Mega Altaria:

Altaria is also given a Mega form. It got a unique combination. It is the only Pokemon to have Dragon/Fairy Type. Which means it is the only dragon which is immune to Dragon type moves. In addition to that it's ability is Pixilate. If we talk about the body figure, it has got more fluffy with clouds and  clouds are now light pink instead of light blue.

Mega Salamance:

Yes it is true. The whole fandom was waiting for it. Salamance is now a Mega Pokemon and it is soooo cool. It's appearance matches that of Jet plane and it's ability is aerilate. Now two wings are interconnected with no space behind. We don't see any hands now. Face is some what similar to original design.

Mega Lopunny:

This is the most interesting thing I noticed in the leaks. This is because Lopunny doesn't belong to Hoenn. It is Sinnoh Pokemon. It is also a Mega Pokemon now. It's type changed from normal to Normal/Fighting and ability is Scrappy. Body features are quite similar in addition to skin fluff.

Pikachu Cosplay:

This feature was confirmed in last corocoro release. All these Pikachu will be used in Contest and interesting thing is that when they change form they get a new move. For example, Rock Star Pikachu gets Meteor Mash and Ph.D Pikachu gets Electric Terrian.

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