Thursday, July 10, 2014

CoroCoro July Edition Leaked! Mega Metagross Confirmed

Note:This article is a breaking news. Contents may change accordingly.

Just the way June CoroCoro leaked previous month, revealing Mega Starters to us, July's Corocoro is also on the table. Not much of it is known but will try to add maximum details.

Mega Metagross:

This is the biggest news in the CoroCoro release. As many of us expected before, Metagross is finally able to get a Mega Evolution. It is still unknown what will be it's Mega Stone called. It's body matches very much to original design. But in Mega form, it can now expand it's arms. Steel belt on the head got golden colour which was silver previously. Steven will own Mega Metagross in games.


Steven appearance as Mega Evolution seeker was confirmed in last CoroCoro edition. This time it has been revealed that he keep the Mega Stone in Mega Lapel Pin. 

Gym Leaders Redesigns:

Not clear but some sources says that Gym leader Flannery and Wattson will obtain a completely different outfits. Saying again, it isn't confirmed yet. Flannery will be using Torkoal and Wattson owns a Magneton. Other gym leaders appearing are Norman and Roxxane. Elite Four Sidney is also confirmed! Almost every gymleader have received a new outfit.

Contest Return:

Hurray Contests make a good return. A new feature is introduced showing Pikachu with different outwears. They have different names like Madam Pikachu, Masked Pikachu, Idol Pikachu, Hard Rock Pikachu and Doctor Pikachu.

Pokemon Mega Metagross Trailer by Poké-Passion