Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mewtwo-Again The Ruler

Mega mewtwo x and mega mewtwo yWith the introduction of Mega-Evolutionary technique, several changes took
place in Pokemon Kingdom. In 2006, Arceus was revealed to be the Mighty God of all Pokemon. With the power of 17 plates of all types at that time Arceus became the ruler of the Pokemon. Having the base stat of 720, no one was in position to challenge.


Until 1997, the world used to tremble with the name of cold heart Frieza like Pokemon, one and the only Mewtwo. The Pokemon wasn't that harsh from inside by the circumstances made him. Giovanni tried to use him to fulfill his desires which hurt Mewtwo. He destroyed the lab and the staff present there.
He flew away lonely to get himself away from the man and his destructive ideas.

At that time, he had base power of 680 which wasn't the highest alone. Even Lugia had the same base powers. But Lugia wasn't that furious Pokemon. Mewtwo preferred to live with out human.

Arceus Invasion:

mega arceus primal arceus
Mega Arceus from the link
A horse shaped Pokemon awoke and abruptly attack the city with the blame the human beings are ruthless and they stole his "Jewel Of Life". Not cared for being of time and space and attacked them. The new King was upon the Pokemon nation. It was announced by his powers.

Fans' Arguments:

A heated battle between the fans of Mewtwo and Arceus that who is the strongest one. Many hints were given in the favour of Arceus and without any doubt, by strength, he was the real one.

Hero Returned:

With the Mega stone powers, Mewtwo is back. Now having more base stat than Arceus, a total of 780 and having two different forms. No argument left for Arceus fans but disappointment. But I don't think that Pokemon Company would stop here. We may even see the Mega Arceus in Future.

pokemon arceus and the jewel of life by Daffodil47