Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pikachu! Why You So Weak?

Whenever new generation starts, fans hope atleast this time Ash would get little bit aged but still he is ten from 10000 years. He won't grow anyways.
But there's one more problem associated with it. Just like Ash Ketchum becomes 10 with start of every generation, Pikachu Ketchum also gets to Level 5.

That's Annoying:

It is justified that Ash got Pikachu at start of adventure. He continued to train it through the whole Kanto Region. Okay no problem, Pikachu is getting stronger. Now Johto comes still the same situation.
pikachu vs snivy weak pikachu
Taken from anime
Then Ash is off to Hoenn. First Gym leader Roxxane, and Pikachu VS Nosepass.
Pikachu got defeated. The Pikachu who defeated Brock's Onix at level 5 now got defeated by Nosepass at probably level 80+. Same in the DP series.
Start of BW series, Ash VS Trip.Pikachu  to now battle Snivy.
Can anyone believe that Pikachu again lost to level 5 Pokémon.
People say that it happened because Pikachu had no electric powers.
But still the question arise that all of his non electric type moves are so weak that they can't do a job? This is confusing.

Now That's The Power:

If some people still think that Pikachu is weak then they are at mistake.

pikachu strong
Taken from anime
Pikachu is shown to be very powerful Pokémon at many points. When he battled with Brock's onix for second time, he did it. He was able to defeat the solid rock Pokémon with Electric moves (though it is impossible in games). But the main thing was to show that Pikachu has potential. Any one remembering the battle with Tobias' Latias? What was that battle. Pikachu if could not win then atleast managed to counter the furious eon Pokémon who had no match for speed and power. Pikachu handled the battle with extreme conditions and did what he could do for Ash. He wasn't successful but one can't simply say it was unsuccessful too.


Now you see what?
A Pokémon which defeated Latias is unable to battle the newbie Snivy.
Joke Of The Year.
I don't know what is the reason the official always keep Pikachu weak at start of every generation.This is not the case with Charizard. He always managed to defeat the enemies with courage.

Pokemon Pikachu Vs Dragonite Orange League [HD] English by Roger Dat