Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mega-Evolution Special-New Anime

6 months ago, we met Red in a special airing and this time we are going to meet some one special too. Name is Alan and he has a strong passionating dreams about being a Pokemon Mega Evolution Master.

Mega-Evolution Act I:

The news is that Pokemon company is upto releasing a special episode related to our new hero Alan. The episode will be of two parts which will be named as "Strongest Mega Evolution Part 1-2". There will be two parts and first part will be released on 3rd of April. Many mega evolutions are expected to be part of this special.

Characters And Plot:


Plot of the special revolves around the young man Alan. He has Charizard as his partner just like Red. Alan's main focus is very different from other trainers. Unlike other trainers, Alan doesn't take part in leagues or Gym battles. Instead he want to master the Mega Evolutions. He wants to know which Mega Evolution is the strongest.He will continue to battle many trainers in order to get to his aim. Many trainers with dozens of Mega evolution will challenge him on his way. His journey won't be limited only to ordinary trainers but also Elite four Zumi will battled.


Zumi has a special role in the special. Zumi also owns a Mega Pokemon.
It is still unknown which Pokemon will be part of Zumi's team. Zumi's battle with Alan will decide the fate of Alan's Journey. 

Mega Pokemon Appearing:

Following Pokemon are confirmed to appear in the special:

All of above mentioned Pokemon will be mega evolved during the special. Charizard will be Mega Evolved into Mega Charizard X and belong to Alan.

Similarities With Origins:

This series has many similarities with Pokemon Origins special.
1-Both series introduced the new characters.
2-Both protagonists had dream to become Master in respective fields.
3-Both protagonists owned Charizard.
4-Both Protagonist Mega Evolved their Charizard.
5-Both Protagonist met member of elite four of their respective regions.

Mega Evolution Act II:

Second part of Mega Evolution special known as Mega Evolution Act II is
announced to be aired on November 16 of the same year. Mega Sceptile is set to appear in it. It will feature Mega Sceptile, Mega Swampert and Mega Blaziken. Alain and Mairin will continue their journey. Steven Stone will appear along with his Mega Metagross. Rayquaza is also set to appear in the special.

Official Site:

News can be check at the official Pokemon site;
Pokemon Japan

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