Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fire Starters Always Abandoned ???

poor fire typesCharmander, Chimchar, Tepig can be said lucky and unlucky Pokémon both.
All of them were left by their original trainers due to their weaknesses, which made them gloomy. Their trainers were harsh hearted who treated them severely. However when they left them, all of grieved Fire Type Join Ash and proved their potential.


Charmander's story was the first incident in anime that a trainer left his
Pokémon and indeed the most saddest one.His trainer's name was Damian.He was tired of his weakness and left him in rain. According to Pokédex enteries of Kanto region, it is mentioned that Charmander dies if flame on its tail fuses out. Ash when saw him in that condition, helped him and this aid made Charmander's heart to accept Ash. Now every one knows who's the boss of Ash's Team. It is the Charizard who defeated the most difficult opponents.


Chimchar's case is little bit more interesting. It was shown stronger in the Paul's ownership too but Paul's attitude demanded more power. Paul wasn't impressed by his battle. More over in Hearthome Final, it listened to Ash more than Paul which made Paul to leave him. There Ash gave him hand and both of them ruled over the rival. Paul had atlast to admit the vigour of little chimp.


Well, Tepig's case looks very similar to Charmander but this time the fire pig Pokémon was really at disadvantage. It had low speed and didn't know strong move which made his trainer to punish him by leaving him roped. This time the rescuers were both Ash and Iris but Tepig decided to go with Ash. Unlike other of Ash's fire type Tepig hadn't the shinning role in whole session to Unova league. It could only get to first evolution. It also thought about going back to original trainer Sharmus. But again the same behaviour made him to stick upon his first decision. But still Tepig's story is gloomy.


However, they proved themselves. They decided to adopt Ash's company to become strong in a playful manner. All of them evolved and thus slapped their original trainer by showing them their worth.


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