Sunday, March 2, 2014

Best Champ Cynthia???

While moving across many Google + Communities from a month, I realized
beautiful and powerful champion sinnoh cynthia
that when ever a picture related to Pokémon Champion is uploaded, 90% of people comment:

Let us analyse what's so special in Sinnoh Champ that attracts every one.


This might be the good reason because all the Champions before Generation IV were Male.Blue,Lance,Steven and Wallace.All of them are popular too but Cynthia has a special attraction to fans.So I concluded that her femininity also influenced fans.


Cynthia's Garchomp is shown to be Ultimate Pokémon in anime series.In all of he anime battles, it was never shown to be defeated.You folks must remember the battle with Paul.How easily it defeated Torterra. Okay Okay, this example is not justified.But battle with Flint's Infernape is a good example.Garchomp  also defeated it.Such vigour of Garchomp is enough for fans to like it.


In both games and anime, Cynthia is shown to be truly a pure hearted and loving Champion.It is more clear in Anime.Cynthia had the same attitude towards Ash and Paul. Plus she called it an outstanding bonding between the two.Always a pleasant smile on the face makes her feel good.

What Do You Like?

No doubt, they are only my views.You like Cynthia or dislike her on different basis.I would like you to tell the reason in a friendly manner so that my views could be clear.