Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pokemon Battle Trozei To Be Released

Sorry for sharing late this news but the news is fantastic.
Almost 2 months ago, news of release of Pokemon Battle Trozei was confirmed.Today Nintendo Direct revealed that the name of sequel would be Pokemon Battle Trozei.


It will contain of all of 718 known Pokemon.The previous game mechanics will also be included in the game.In addition to new game mechanics will also be introduced.There will also be new battle strategies.

Release Date:

As always it will first release in Japan on 12th of March.
In Europe its release date is March 13.
On 14th March in Australia.
Finally on 20th March in North America.
In Europe it will be called as Pokemon Link:Battle.


Price of Japanese version is 800 Yen.


Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Battle Trozei Announcement Gameplay Trailer 【HD】 by Gamersincorporated

Official Site:

On 5th of March, Official Site of Battle Trozie is opened for Public.
You can now go there by clicking below:
Pokémon Trozei