Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Diancie Finally Revealed

Like always Cork Coro's march issue have been leaked.News is that Rock-Fairy type legendary have finally Been revealed.
The name is Diancie.


Corocoro scan also provides some extra information about it.
It says,
Pokemon who creates diamonds from both hands.Its none other than Diancie.It can use both of his hands to protect itself by creating diamonds.


As the scan reveals Diancie has powers to produce Diamonds which clearly shows its abilities.

Anime Appearance:

Since it is the legendary Pokémon so without any doubt it will make its appearance in upcoming XY series movie M17 "Cacoons of Destruction"  along with Xerneas and yveltal.

Updated 13 Feb:

Today on 13Feb new information about Diancie are revealed by Coro coro.
 According to it Diancie would be star of 17th movie.As mentioned above it can form diamonds .Now it is further revealed that it is princess of diamond ore. 

Its weight is 19.4 lbs.Its ability is clear body.Itcan use hyper beam.


Pokémon Y - Diancie le Pokémon fabuleux by Gamekult