Saturday, January 18, 2014

Xerneas And Yveltal: From The Page Of History

Well if we remember, two days ago, new info about upcoming Pokémon Movie (M17) was released by Official Japanese Pokémon Site.
I made the post about it which you can check here.


It was about the past history of Xerneas and Yveltal. It mentioned how Yveltal, destructive Pokémon brought destruction in Kalos region. Xerneas was the only Pokémon that endured that destruction and faced. Not discussing Yggdrasil Trio, only Mortality Duo.


From the very first line I will try to explain the whole incident in my words.
It runs,

"Long Ago, Great Destruction extinguished all lives in Kalos region.
 Destruction Was Brought By Destruction Pokémon Yveltal."

Role Of Yveltal:

We are now sure that Yveltal is some what a dangerous Pokémon having

similar attitude that Arceus had in beginning of Movie:Arceus and Jewel of Life.

But problem here is severe, as it says that Yveltal extinguished all lives from Kalos which clear the attitude of Yveltal towards other Pokémon.No doubt Arceus wasn't that cold heart Pokémon.Even Mewtwo didn't show that kind of coldness.

So after destroying the Kalos, Yveltal went into a long slumber just like Arceus after destroying Manchina City.Wow, both of them are matching with each others.We still don't know why Yveltal is angry.

Role Of Xerneas:

Now lets move forward.

"After Destruction, the only being that could face the power of Yveltal was 'Life Pokémon' Xerneas.Xerneas is said to be giver of life to Humans and Pokémon."

Xerneas, deer Pokémon is shown to be hero from characters.It is said to be granting lives to Pokémon which means it must have healing powers.Power of Xerneas is also described by saying that that it withstood the Yveltal's destruction.


End of paragraph says,

"And Now A Journey That Leads To Meeting Of Two Legendaries Of Kalos Begin"

It is clearly stated that both of them will meat each other.Probably there will be fight between them.
Hope You liked my thoughts.


Xerneas Yveltal et spéculations - Flash Infos Pokémon X Y by newtiteuf