Saturday, January 25, 2014

Boss Of Ash's Pokémon

Through title of the post, I think most of you are already agreed with me.
Charizard since the Original series have been thought as one of the most powerful Pokémon of Ash's team or if some one says it is the powerhouse of Ash's team then we can't reject it.

Original Series:

Caught as the rejected Pokémon by his trainer, Charmander quickly accepted Ash's company.After evolving it changed its behaviour which resulted in the disobeying of Ash. However in Orange Island Saga, Ash managed to make him follow his orders.

Johto Series:

Johto series came to be the training saga for Charizard.One of the saddest moment came when Ash had to leave Charizard to train himself.But that proved to be really worthy training.This training later showed results in the battle with Gary where it defeated its long term rival, Blastoise.

Hoenn Series:

Hoenn series showed us how powerful Charizard has become.
You can't forget the battle with Articuno.To defeat a legend is really something.Charizard is one of three Ash's Pokémon to defeat a legendary.
Similarly he did a great deal with Brendan.

Sinnoh Series:

Worst of all, Charizard never made appearance in Sinnoh region.

Unova Series:

This series showed us that Charizard is now far more powerful than ever was.
He battled Dragonite and showed it his real strength.Teached Pignite Flamethrower.He shows his affection to Ash by making Ash of his face.
A little video made by me on Charizard's History.
Hope you will like it.Together Forever is used as Background music.

Pokemon Tribute To Ash Charizard-Charizard's History by Usman Khalil