Sunday, December 21, 2014

So Pokémon Z Or X2/Y2?

It's been a month since ORAS released. I do believe that many of fans must have completed the games in 7 days. But fandom is fandom. It can't sit calm. Obviously 2015 will bring us a new game. The main thing to discuss is that whether it would be a solitary version or a combined version.

Solitary Version

If it is a solitary version then without any doubt it is Pokémon Z. Why Pokemon
pokemon z version zygarde
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Z?  Well that is because of Zygarde.  Xerneas had X and Yveltal had Y, then Zygarde would have Z. First solitary version was Yellow and it was one the most selling game in Japan and US. What did they added in it? A Pikachu and small storyline changes. Yes, but it appealed people more than original Pokémon Red and Blue/Green. Same is true for Crystal, Emerald and Platinum. Z version must have the same case. Just like Suicune, Rayquaza and Giratina received a separate version, Zygarde is not an odd possiblilty. 

Combined Versions

Yes I know I didn't mentioned Kyurem above. The reason is quite clear. Game Freak knew that fans can't be fascinated with same thing every generation. It is clear observation that solitary version sell less than original versions  (except for yellow because solitary version was a new thing at that time). This is because storyline is slightly changed and only a new legendary is introduced in most of cases.  So Pokémon Company decided to take serious steps regarding Kyurem. Rumors of Pokémon Grey were at the peak during that time. But no. They were committed to surprise fans. And so, Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 were announced.
pokemon z zygarde forms yggdrasil trioIt was a huge overhaul. It was an unusual excitement. No one expected that surprise. It is a true fact that sales of Pokémon B2W2 went well and matched that of original versions. They scored 36/40 on most of the international forums. What do you think the reason behind such a great score? This time storyline was completely changed. Protagonists were new. Antagonists were new. Animated trailer made that scenario even more exciting. The most appealing thing was Kyurem's two new forms. It was quite a unique game. 50% of the fandom that hated original Pokemon Black and White remarked B2W2 as an excellent experience. In other words, B2W2 covered up the hatred image of original BW.

Pokémon X2Y2

pokemon x2y2 confirmed
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So can we expect the same this time? There are some rumors in many Pokemon forums and communities that Zygarde may get new forms. If we clearly observe then we see that B2W2 were made because of Kyurem's two new forms. So one can't simply deny the probability this happening.
It's about time. We can only assume. I don't even mind if they plan some other thing. For example they can announce XZ and YZ version because they are new thoughts.  One of my friend Victini223 says that there should be a X2  and Y2  version. A unique idea indeed. Anyways, lets just wait and see what happens.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Poké-Memes December 2014 Edition

Poké-Memes December 2014 Edition is part of Poké-Passion Memes.
This time I would like Ash Ketchum to be title of month.
why does ash always loses first battle
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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jordin Sparks Playing Pokémon Omega Ruby

Taken from official twitter account
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I didn't notice this until my friend +Jan Itor shared this news. As a Pokémon fan, its quite an interesting hearing for me that Pokemon isn't limited to common man. Pokémon has its own addiction which makes people crazy for it. So Jordin Sparks is also one of Pokémon fans.

According to Nintendo News, Jordin Sparks is playing Pokemon Omega Ruby right now and she loved it. She remarked Pokémon game as follows:

"Every Pokémon game has me addicted until I beat it."

Taken from official twitter account
Jordin Sparks, the American Idol, also played Pokemon X in past and according to her, she didn't black out even once. All of her Pokémon have level 50+ and two of  them capable of Mega evolving.

So that's all folks. I am sure you are also happy to find this. Keep following +Poké-Passion for more interesting news. Have a good day.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

These Fool Antagonists

One can't simply deny the annoying moment when an antagonist grunt plucks
him and challenges him. They think," So we have to defeat the hero? Zubat and Ratatta would work well". Seriously it makes angry fighting all those guys repeatedly with same Pokémon and almost equal level. They don't even grant good experience points. Each leader seems to have a sluggish idea of disturbing Pokémon World. Let us analyze them one by one.

Team Rocket:

Leader: Giovanni
Motto: Steal 'em all!
Purpose: As motto suggest, their primary purpose is to steal the rare Pokémon for their own interests. They don't seem to be dangerous from body language. Primary Pokémon are Zubat and Ratatta. Basically a weak organization.

Team Aqua:

Leader: Archie
Motto: Drown 'em all!
Purpose: A typical organization having rivalery to Team Magma with purpose of spreading oceans to the whole planet. Leader aims to use Kyogre's power for this purpose while most of the grunts prefer water Pokémon to battle the hero. Team Aqua has a strong conflict of interest with Team Magma.

Team Magma:

Leader: Maxie
Motto: Burn 'em all!
Purpose: Usually considered as polar opposite to Team Aqua. Their sole purpose is to eliminate oceans and spread lands. Maxie wishes to control Groudon for this purpose while their primary Pokémon is Numel and other fire types. They often battle with Team Aqua in order to stop them from awaking Kyogre.

Team Galactic:

Leader: Cyrus
Motto: It's the brand new world we live in!
Purpose: Team Galactic is considered to be the most advanced and intellectual organization in Pokémon world. They do serious effort to create a new world using the powers of Dialga and Palkia. They don't even hesitate to blast a bomb on innocent Pokémon and people. Team Galactic holds the record to control most legendaries in a region.

Team Plasma:

Leader: Ghestis
Motto: Librate 'em all!
Purpose: Plasma has nothing to do with the team in real sense. Team Plasma is an unique organization with idea to free Pokemon from the ownership of humans. At first they seemedo be helping Pokemon but infact Ghestis promoted this ideology for his own purposes. They actually wanted to rule the Unova region. Natural Harmonia Gropious or simply N was ex-leader of Team Plasma but left after knowing their plans.

Team Flare:

Leader: Lysandre
Motto: Reshape 'em all!/ Kill 'em all!
Purpose: This is the most stupid organization in Pokemon world. Through their name, they seem to be fire type users but it is only limited to their dresses. They aim to reshape but if one doesn't join them, they may be threat to you. Lysandre hates it when you go against his vision. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Poké-Memes November 2014 Edition

Poké-memes November 2014 Edition is part of Poké-Passion Memes.
This time due to ORAS hype I would like to add memes related to Weather trio.
Pokemon rayquaza funny memes primal
Seriously, Every time they fight Rayquaza has to involve itself in order to stop them. Rayquaza is tired of this.. Credits to
rayquaza dragon types afraid of fairy
 Before Generation VI I considered Dragons as most powerful Pokemon but now even Rayquaza is afraid of them., Credits to
Groudon finally able to balance Kyogre. Credits to
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